Assessing Technology

Combining GroupAdvance’s in-depth knowledge of the ophthalmic industry, global network of thought leaders in the field, and practical expertise relating to intellectual property management, GroupAdvance provides customized services relating to R&D assessment and assessing technology in ophthalmology as it relates to mergers and acquisitions.

GroupAdvance can take a lead role or supporting function relating to the needs and demands of the client. From a straightforward request of a Freedom to Operate report based on an idea or patent application or rather a more complex mandate of leading a research and development workstream through a due diligence, GroupAdvance supports the client’s interest and delivers what is required on time. The consultants at GroupAdvance strongly believes that there is no excuse to miss a deadline.

GroupAdvance also strives to understand the overall goals and interests of the client to best serve the client. In other words, GroupAdvance wants more than just to deliver, GroupAdvance wants to support the client. So, even with a simplistic demand, GroupAdvance is able to tailor and deliver the work and services provided to help achieve the client’s overall goal(s). While assessing technology in ophthalmology, GroupAdvance provides all deliverables in electronic format for easy referencing, and GroupAdvance is available to support the client in case of later questions after the mandate has been fulfilled.

GroupAdvance also challenges the deliverables and direction of the project if the consultant deems that the results are not in the interest of the client. In the case that unfavorable results are found or concluded, GroupAdvance will support the client to either navigate around the situation or address the problem directly. Damage control is never a position that a company would want to have, but in the case the client finds him or herself in the position, GroupAdvance will strive to find the quickest and least damaging options with the client’s interest in mind.

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