Strategic Management

Developing or restructuring a company or non-profit organization requires vision and experience to reduce risks and increase chances for success. Balancing what the client really wants and what is best for the company’s future development is the fundamental first step. From that point, the direction is really dependent on the client’s choices. These options are presented to the client based upon the extensive research, findings, and assessments that GroupAdvance Consulting provides.

For the past 10 years, GroupAdvance has managed governmental institutions, non-profit organizations and start-up companies throughout Europe and the United States. The consultants at GroupAdvance collectively provide a unique set of skills that work in unison to provide the optimal care to achieve the client’ goals. Some of these skills include intellectual property valuation, patent portfolio management, financial (crisis) management, fundraising, research and external collaborations, program development, and human resource recruitment and retention. GroupAdvance can also call upon its extensive network, specifically focused on research and development in the field of ophthalmology. This network would provide access to external advisors if specialty services and/or know-how would be required.


Ultimately, GroupAdvance Consulting’s goal is to help our client achieve his/her goal. GroupAdvance consultants work independently, efficiently and confidentially to ensure that the discretion of the client is always maintained. Working in a highly technical and competitive field where intellectual property plays an essential role, GroupAdvance consultants understand that speed, precision and confidentially are essential with every client.

In order to stay focused and within budget, GroupAdvance has developed a proprietary process called “Segmented Phase Review and Cyclical Process.” Included in this process is that based on the findings phase reviews, the client is routinely asked what about his/her goal. Often times, based on the findings, the goal slightly changes to adapt to the current situation. This feedback is essential to ensuring that the direction GroupAdvance and the client are heading is the same one.

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