Fundraising Services

Adopted techniques and strategies from the United States but adapted to the European market, GroupAdvance Consulting provides both traditional and non-traditional fundraising in ophthalmology and vision research. Traditional fundraising is focused on raising money for non-profit and/or academic research institutions through governmental funding bodies like the National Science Foundation, individuals (often called major donors), corporations and foundations. Typically, these funding bodies are supporting both fundamental and clinical research of an individual or group focused on a defined field or project.

Non-traditional methods include funding from grateful patients, for directed research projects and venture philanthropy. Investment funding is another non-traditional to seek funding to support a project or growing company. Although much more complex, non-traditional methods are typically used for business development measures as opposed to traditional charitable efforts and/or research projects.

GroupAdvance consultants provide services that entail structuring research project concepts customized to a funding source’s request for proposal (RFP) or develop a strategic plan on how to approach industry to support the client’s research initiative/project. As a unique service specific for the medical field, GroupAdvance has developed strategic approaches on how to customize and adopt a fundraising strategy by identifying and approaching grateful patients.

GroupAdvance consultants have an impressive track record regarding successful fundraising efforts both from traditional and non-traditional means to support their clients’ projects and companies. From receiving a sizable and highly competitive European Commission peer-reviewed research grant to securing a major donor who provides unrestricted funding for charitable work, GroupAdvance can comfortably handle and advise on the ideal funding strategy for any project.

Understanding who would benefit from the work of the project as well as the motivation of the identified supporter are the focal areas of fundraising in ophthalmology and vision research. If the motivation is simple, then the approach should be relatively simple. However, if the supporter is seeking a direct return of investment, then the approach should be strategic to ensure that benefits of the partnership are balanced.

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