Network Relations

GroupAdvance combines an extensive professional network, facilitates a concise set of deliverables to achieve the goals set forth by the client, and establishes a regular communication mode to provide updates and feedbacks concerning the project goals, timeline and budget.

With an international and specialized network of high-level researchers and leading clinical experts, GroupAdvance can call upon these international leaders for critical evaluation as well as project research, development and execution. In addition to research and development activities, GroupAdvance also regularly engages with its large network of industry-related media contacts ranging from print to social media.

The consultants at GroupAdvance understand the value of establishing and maintaining relationships with media contacts, corporate management, and key opinion leaders. Understanding the core of what a client needs, GroupAdvance customizes the team of consultants who can provide the necessary skill set to deliver high quality work. Often, the initial work evolves into other projects and demands, and therefore, the team may change according to the project needs. In any case, GroupAdvance remains focused on the client’s interests.

Clear communication between the client and GroupAdvance team is essential to establishing the scope of work, budget, deliverables and timeline. Through this critical period, GroupAdvance facilitates the discussion with the client both verbally and through written correspondence, requesting feedback and later approval for each stage of the project. The reasons are to ensure transparency and that the team is dedicated to delivering precisely what the client is seeking. Advantageously to the client, GroupAdvance is then able to streamline its efforts while minimizing the number of hours needed to accomplish the main goals of the project and thus, staying within the pre-set budget.

So, when using an external network of experts, GroupAdvance focuses the role of a selected expert solely on his/her area of expertise by strategically planning the scope of work of the project prior to engaging with them expert. These external experts are accustomed to answering questions and posing an opinion, but for more in-depth discussions, understanding the experts’ obligations and time restrictions are other crucial elements that GroupAdvance considers when selecting the experts. The role of this external expert will be clearly defined to increase the speed of return and ensure that the expert is providing what the client is seeking.

In other words, the goal is to plan ahead in order to focus on what is needed from the external expert and how to extract this information from the expert accurately and efficiently. From a budgetary perspective, it is essential to dedicate time to planning especially when using external experts because this line-item cost can quickly exceed the overall budget of the project.

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